10 Times Xbox & Playstation ROASTED Each Other

10 Times Xbox & Playstation ROASTED Each Other

Game reigns. We play pretty much everything. So which console which store? We like playing games, but sometimes those rivalries are a perfect laugh. We game apex legends provides 10 Times Xbox & PlayStation ROASTED Each Other. Hi, folks, it’s Falcon, and today, on game ranks 10, Xbox and Sony Spats that were funny at number 10 that one time, Microsoft offered people 100 bucks to ditch their PlayStation three for an Xbox One. And back at the end of the Xbox 360 and ps3 era, Microsoft had done a pretty fair amount of stuff to get people to think, Wow, Xbox One isn’t really going to be directed towards gamers, PlayStation is so given that they’re Microsoft and have all of the money you could ever ask.

They were like, well, let’s give stuff away to get people in on the new system. You see, at the immediate launch of the console’s there was not so much rivalry. Everyone’s congratulating each other, like literally flat out congratulating each other on the new console generation. And then Microsoft realised they were not going to do nearly as well as Sony was. So they were like, Oh, tell people, they can have 100 bucks if they come to us. I mean, for such a massive company with so much money sounds a little desperate.

The Xbox One was about 100 bucks more than the PlayStation four. And it’s not like you were allowed to go to the local grocery store and get your food for the week with that 100 bucks. It was a store credit towards the Microsoft Store. So I mean, I put that thing in a closet.

I can play it later. So I laugh at number nine. They had many DRM stuff that they announced at the very start; they had to go back on that because everybody took advantage of that. It wasn’t just like a consumer backlash. All of the other company was like doing that, oh, we will make you look bad for doing them. Basically, Microsoft introduced some restrictions regarding our games and sharing them, and well, Sony went to ea 3d and just totally bulldoze the whole damn thing. They’re like, no, yeah, you buy a game, and you got an on disk. And you can hand that disc other people and so forth.

JACK Tretton then of Sony came out on stage and basically said, yo, all that stuff Xbox is doing. We’re not doing that. Then shuhei Yoshida put out this crazy commercial and showed a step-by-step process of sharing a game with the PlayStation four. Yoshida held the game; a screen came up that says, step one, share the game. And he handed it over to Adam boys, who then said, Thank you. It’s one of those, really, like do your stupid type disses. Still, it worked really well because it was a really complicated feature for something straightforward to do in any previous console generation. At number eight, do you remember when cross-play became a significant issue when every single person realised that there is no reason for them not to be playing with each other on cross-platform games?

But it doesn’t really matter what people want. It matters what companies want, and I began wanted everybody playing fortnight, you know, together. They got their Way with Microsoft and Nintendo, who were happy to adopt the policy for fortnight people were playing the games with each other. The same goes for Minecraft, and they started releasing trailers and tweets, just throwing tonnes and tonnes of shade at Sony. Now what kind of bugs me as I said, it doesn’t matter what gamers want unless they can make it look like it’s about what gamers want, which is what all these companies did here like an Xbox executive, for instance, said Oh, it’s a shame that Sony is significantly behind in many, many ways. Like I said, this was because Epic Games wanted fortnight, cross-play it on everything.

And everybody knew the demand was there because it’s always been there with every single cross-platform game where you have multiplayer. Yeah. Number seven, Tom Warren, the senior editor at the verge way back when it mattered the Way you Played with Marvel’s Avengers, noted that Marvel’s Avengers spent a Whole Lot of time telling you how to migrate your save from PlayStation four to PlayStation five. And it isn’t straightforward. I’ve read it three times, and I am so glad that I am not playing Marvel’s Avengers at all.

Tom Warren tweeted this process by also saying how to migrate your stay from Xbox One Xbox series x launch the game. It’s an organic moment, as the sharing of the game title between the two guys is a big to your stupid type moment again. Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox games marketing General Manager, saw this and took great advantage of it, retweeting Tom Warren and saying thanks, brilliant hashtag delivery, effectively demonstrating one of Xboxes great features that beautifully simplify that kind of process. For anybody who’s moving between platforms. It’s too bad. It’s a Marvel’s Avengers, though, right?

At number six way back during the Xbox 360 and ps3 era, cars hurry. Now, these are some pretty catty comments in terms of people in business. Anyways, he went on to say I’m confident will outsell the ps3 throughout the entire generation by providing more innovation and building the best and brought us games library While increasing our amusement adventures on the significant internet community, which is to be clear precisely what they did. Like he talked the talk in terms of that console generation.

They mopped the floor with Sony. And then they got complacent and overconfident and decided that they were going to try to do a bunch of restrictive crap when they launched Xbox One. It made everybody pissed off; every other company took advantage of it dumped on Microsoft made it look ridiculous. And Sony won the next generation. I mean, this is how this goes. It’s marketing kayfabe; it’s pro wrestling. And number five, Phil Spencer, whom you must understand because the head honcho of Microsoft gaming man that’s been around a long time ought to understand precisely what to say and what to do, but he’s made some errors.

This is only one of these. I believe this one time, possibly to try and dip Nintendo and Sony; for example, we are not concerned about those guys anymore. Although we’re doing well by all measures, both are doing much better than Xbox, not just in the previous generation; they’re doing pretty damn well this generation too. Nintendo has not even launched the console and doing incredibly. So perhaps this was more kayfabe, I don’t know.

But Phil said that the real competition was in like Amazon and Google’s cloud gaming platforms, you know, stadia and Luna and this was only like a year ago. But no, Phil was hilariously wrong on this one. Google stadia and Amazon Luna’s especially are just no competition for any of these people. He should have kept his mouth shut because whatever he was afraid of at that point, if he was afraid of anything. Made him look so silly, even if it was trying to be a diss on Nintendo and Sony. Wow, does it not work when your prediction just doesn’t bear out in any possible way? I’ve laughed about this several times. I’m so glad we could bring it up in a blog today because it’s just a dumb comment, huh? Yes, I am brilliant.

You see, I don’t know if that’s getting big for his britches are getting paranoid, I can’t tell you. And number four, Microsoft got all pissy about Sony having PlayStation twos at a see but an exhibition in Germany way back in 2002, which was technically against the rules. However, other than Microsoft complaining, no one cared about it. The organizers of the show didn’t care about it. Indeed, the people who played PlayStation two that Sony had on display didn’t care about it.

But the funny part is just like a week prior to complaining about it, Microsoft had said he wanted to see a warmer, friendlier Microsoft, which it took less than a week for a company of representative to just take a massive dump on that they just like no, no, you can’t show anybody or games. How did they like hide it before the guy doesn’t know. That’s just that’s such a dumb one. And number three, Kevin Butler of Sony made fun of the Xbox 360 connects well, because the Connect is the connect it made the Xbox more expensive.

It was not optional. Sony Had a motion control solution called the PlayStation Move, which was two controllers with gyroscopes in them and a tracking ball on the top and buttons. They were proud of the buttons. I don’t know, and I don’t love motion control games. But they demonstrated that the PlayStation Move is better for more traditional types of games that might implement motion control than the connected.

And number two, that time, Microsoft guys said they own the next GTA games. They saw Grand Theft Auto as like a warzone, basically between two consoles. And we’re staking out the idea that they pretty much couldn’t possibly lose based on the idea they had exclusive episodes for Grand Theft Auto four, which is Grand Theft Auto four. But Grand Theft Auto five was probably a lot more critical for ps3 and Xbox 360. But still, also, that’s not why the Xbox 360 did better than the ps3. There’s a lot of reasons. I mean, let’s talk about how Skyrim worked on the ps3 with the memory limitations.

Let’s talk about how much better Xbox Live was than anything they tried to do on ps3 to hedge it on Grand Theft Auto just seems weird to me when they had many benefits that generation. And number one, Phil Spencer said that nobody was asking for virtual reality back in 2019. And shuhei. Yoshida responded by saying, we continually work hard to make things that no customers were asking for. He said nobody’s selling millions and millions of VR headsets, despite the fact that at the time. He said that Sony had sold 4.2 million VR headsets, which is, you know, millions and millions. Yoshida just basically swatted down. It’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah, we always work for stuff that nobody’s going to buy. Yeah, Yoshida is probably correct.