10 Secret Fortnite MYTHS Busted!

10 SECRET Fortnite MYTHS Busted!

If you want baby Yoda to revive you in your next game, but getting started with our Secret Fortnite MYTHS, can we see predators and visibility with the commando thermal sniper or the thermo fish? Right now, there are a couple of items in the game that give you the ability to activate a thermal vision mode. Of course, we have Mandos, thermo sniper, and the thermo fish, and they can be super helpful in matches, but the latest update but one question and all of our heads. Can we see a completely invisible player with these items? I mean, the fact that predator’s new mythic lets people cloak themselves, it seems like it would be common sense for thermal vision to let us see them, so try to for ourselves, and we’re very surprised with the results.

At first, we tried it with the mendo sniper, and sadly it just doesn’t work. And then we tried it with the thermo fish and the enemy was still completely invisible. We thought it would make sense for this to work, but unfortunately, we have to reveal the myth busted. Can you rift boss commando predator of ruckus? Oh, we’re on the topic of wacky fish. One of the latest additions to season five is that of the reef fish. It’s essentially an edible reef to go. So we asked ourselves a fairly simple question, can you rift mendo predator of ruckus? And I have to say, though, the craziest thing happened when we went to test this one out. Let’s try this one out. So we fish for our rip fish, walked up to the predator, and rifted him flawlessly. To our surprise, he ripped it right up into the sky with us. But then something weird happened. He just immediately disappeared and then despawned, taking his mythic with him. So I was kind of odd. So we decided to try it with manda to what could happen.

Well, the same thing happened. we drifted in the sky despawn taking a sniper and jetpack alongside him. I’m not exactly sure if this is like a bug or intentional. But yeah, if you refer to boss for some reason, they just straight-up disappear out of thin air like they never even existed. So I know what you think if commando and the predator don’t work. What’s going to happen if we do a ruckus? And to our surprise, he rifted, but then he pulled out his glider and went to land somewhere else. So yeah, I have no idea what makes them different. But Fun fact, you could kill rockets without him turning into a hologram if you do this. It’s weird. It’s probably a bug. But myth confirmed I guess. Can you break the zero point by building a giant box around it? Something super interesting about season five has been the zero point in the center of the island. This is different from the last time the zero points was in a fortnight because if you enter it this time around, it gives you health and then kind of spits you right back out. I don’t know why. But I want to test the limits of this feature. So we wondered, would building a giant box around it break it in any way. So naturally, we went to work. I had everybody farm up max materials, we began building this giant box around the zero points, and once we finished, we edited our way in. Every time we went into the zero points, it would just destroy the builds from the side that it’s spat us out from, so yeah, we thought something cool might have happened from doing all this work.

But it looks like epic was one step ahead of us here. It kind of works as usual. Fair enough. I’m going to have to confirm that this myth right here is super busted. Do bosses ignore you with the predator mythic? Okay, so if activating the predator mythic not only turns you invisible but stops people with a thermal vision from seeing you too, then what else can it do? I mean, if you could turn completely invisible with this thing, does it mean you could just straight up to get ignored by NPCs and bosses? Well, I mean, probably right seemed pretty straightforward to us. So we headed over to ruckus and activated our predator, mythic, and yeah, all it took was standing in front of him for the commotion to get completely annoyed immediately and begin attacking us a little disappointing. But what about other bosses? Of course, we couldn’t go to the predator. I mean, we killed the guy for this thing. So we went to the ambassador himself, mondo. And surprisingly, the same thing happened we went invisible he still immediately sauce and attacked us on the spot. It would be kind of clever if this worked and honestly would make more sense if this mythic worked against the NPCs. But it’s with a heavy heart that I announced myth busted. Can you rocket ride into the zero points?

We found out you can’t build a giant box around the zero points to try to break it, but you might be able to do other things with a famous orb in the sky. We wondered if we could use it to mess with others instead of messing with the zero points. What if we could rock it ride someone into the zero points? When we went to try this out, I think we discovered like the kind of like a new strategy. It’s weird. Basically, we got into our match, got our hands on an RPG, and then traveled to the zero points with just a couple of drives. Yes, we did it. We rock a road, someone, into the zero points. So not only did they get their free shield, but when they got thrown out of the orb, they went way farther than you normally do. Not only can you do this, but it also looks like you could have a very viable strategy for free shield and rotations. Well, I mean, at least if you were near the zero points with a rocket launcher, and which you know happens a lot. Anyway, the missile confirms. Can you use Mandos jetpack while riding a shark?

We’ve experimented a lot with Redditors mythic, but not everyone shows up loved commando, and instead of mythix especially is a jetpack, so we thought we’d have some fun with this one. Now, there aren’t a lot of sharks on the island anymore, but you could still find a few, so we thought it would be fun to see if you could ride a shark and use Mandos jetpack and At the same time, I’m not going to lie we didn’t know what’s going to happen with this one we just wanted to try it out, so we found a shark with our jet pack equipped and hooked them up to the end of our fishing pole. And to our surprise, you can soar through the air while jetpacking and riding the shark-like. I’m not kidding you could go extra high. It even looks like you’re flying for a second, but as we all know, the jetpack fuel doesn’t last that long. Despite that, though, it looks cool, actually fun to do, totally worth it, Smith confirmed.

Can you combine the anti-gravity from a shockwave bouncer and dooleys? So it seems like there are quite a few items in the meta right now that give you an insane anti-gravity effect. And typically, in a fortnight, you can combine these types of things. For example, there’s the bouncer shock wave trip, we recently showed you guys how to get the same effect with a shock wave in the new dooleys, but this time around, we want to test if you could go even farther if you combined all three of them. Yep, the shock waves, bouncers, and dooleys. So we made a box shot of the dooleys Place the bouncer and then shock waved away crazy combo, right? Well, it didn’t work out anti-gravity effects doesn’t stack, and you can only go as far as if you use the bouncer Shockwave combo, so Miss busted? Can you harpoon someone out of a car? Now cars in chapter two have been a pretty love-hate relationship with the community, but they do have their uses. Okay, well, people love them for easily rotating, getting out of the storm, and all that. It can be super annoying trying to kill someone who’s in a car, especially when you just can’t hit that one freakin at the shot. So we decided to check if harpoon guns were able to young people ride their cards. I mean, it wouldn’t give the harpoon so much needed extra use and help make cars less annoying. And sure enough, it worked. Our boon guns can indeed make enemies out of cars. And if they’re low on health, even better, you get a free elimination. So yeah, make sure you remember this time you see a pesky car on the road confirmed. Can you drive around with a supply drop on your car? While we’re on the topic of cars, the experiment is not stopping here. People, we’ve been seeing you guys suggest a myth in the comment section for a couple of months now. So we decided to try it out for you finally. The main question is, can you drive around with a supply drop on top of your car and I know we normally use this for clickbait, and our thumbnails bang. There’s our thumbnail, so we’re going to try it out. So we dropped in our match, waited until the last couple of circles, and then drove our truck directly under some supply drops to ensure they landed on our car. It looks promising, but the second we tried to drive away, disappointment ruin our faces because they fall off and land on the ground.

It would have been cool having a supply a drop or two in your car, but from now it’s just staying as clickbait on our thumbnails myth busted. And before our final spot, of course, we have honorable mentions: can you knock someone out of the air while gliding with the exotic double barrel. As you probably already know, the exotic double-barrel shotgun has a neat feature where players get knocked back after you shoot them. So, of course, we wanted to try and abuse this. I mean, test this and see if you can take a player out that’s gliding in the air, so we ripped it right above someone with the double-barrel equipped and sure enough, if you shoot them, they lose their glider. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give them full damage, which would have been hilarious for now. We need to change that, but for now, Mitch technically confirmed, which brings us to honorable mention number two will baby Yoda revive you if you go down. If, for some reason, there’s a tonne of thumbnail posts and rumors claiming that the baby Yoda backlink, or like literally any pet, will arrive you when you get knocked. Now obviously, people, I’m not that dumb, it sounds fake, but I had to try it for you guys anyway, so a bunch of us on the team equipped our baby Yoda pets when two squads Ville knocked ourselves, and we waited for something to happen. We tried countless times to be sure, But baby Yoda kind of just sat there and laughed at us as we bled to death.

So thanks, baby Yoda myth unsurprisingly busted. But our final myth is it possible to eliminate someone in the air after you both Rift? Okay, so there used to be like a pretty infamous fortnight bug out there where you could use one pump, someone, in the air immediately after ripping. It was abused by so many people and was absolutely game-breaking, and thankfully epic patched the glitch, but we’ve thought there is there a new way to do it in season five, we’ve got riff fish now and all the new shotguns, so hey, let’s try it out. Well, after getting someone weekends a match, we drove our car up to their box, switch seats, and pop the Rift. Suppose you pop a riff while inside the passenger seat of a car. It rips both you and the car directly up. However, it still technically allows you to shoot. so I guess what I’m trying to say is if you do this right. you could refer an opponent into the sky with you. At the same time, you’re a passenger and then straight up beam them. It’s a pretty insane trick, and while it’s not as simple as just shotgunning after rifting, it’s still somewhat game-breaking. Okay, I’ll use a trick while you can unless epic never patches it. Still, it’s hard to call this one a bug when it seems like a good strategy.