10 Great Nintendo Switch Games You Probably Didn’t Know Came Out In 2020

10 Great Nintendo Switch Games You Probably Didn’t Know Came Out In 2020

The 2020s saw a number of really good games pretty much go unnoticed. Even though we saw some really massive titles release with the likes of Animal Crossing dominating the charts. However, these under the radar releases are pretty brilliant and worth looking into. So for all of you looking to explore some of the games that you might have missed out on, here’s a handy list of 10 Nintendo Switch games that released last year and a lot of folk anywhere off. Let’s go.

At number one clico is a successful Kickstarter project, please just please December. It’s this magical, girly kind of themed adventure that allows players to create their own character and then start running their own little cafe where they can help neighbours and NPCs with being nice and then get to explore a lot of things. It lets you customise the characters and cafes you get to work in as well as like adopting little animals and it’s basically a pretty peaceful kind of game, I would say the kind you want to just wake up in the morning and prefer instead of like, whatever’s out there need to be next up for those of you who like tactic based RPG such as the Fire Emblem series, here’s mercenaries blaze Donough, the twin dragons which is a great contender for the genre with this lovely retro feeling to it. This game offers two different paths one to take along with a great variety of different classes and optional content such as additional battles for those who want a little bit more it’s got solid gameplay as well accompanied by a great soundtrack. And as you can see some really good portrait artwork, the storyline of which has also its fair share of twists and turns as well. What I would say is probably keep you guessing right up until the very end of the game, so I was up for the story.

And robot pumpkin games present Viens mouth case is a take space adventure that also released this past December it has previously released for PC, but due to its takes genre, it actually really works better as a more mobile title pretty much making the Nintendo Switch the perfect choice to go for it. This game is heavily inspired by HP Lovecraft and offers this comedy-horror experience of innocent of those Choose Your Own Adventure kind of books. It’s actually styled like a detective adventure where all of the decisions that the player makes throughout the story have a lasting impact on the whole thing. There are actually multiple ways you can solve any case in this game or just fail depending on these I mean your detective skills. So you could definitely go ahead and say there is linear replay value with this one no-ball roll man. And Hank, of course, you presumably know him already. Come to find out the truth and crack the N Smith case or failed miserably. Not once, not twice, not thrice. Not how many Emmys are there a tale of courage and adventure rookie release in October in 2020, and is an indie title that offers players an adventure with platformer and puzzle elements. Rookie follows this girl on her journey to save her family and seizes her diving into the deep and magical world of folklore and legends pretty much filled with strange locations and even strange creatures. I went for this one for quite a while and it’s I can tell you it’s a wholesome game and features a really good story as well and interesting gameplay also and some good puzzles, to be specific, this unique kind of graphics that actually infuses it all together and works pretty much like a charm.

So draw maps, collect curiosities, and chart your adventure. unveil the story of tragic loss and the path to redemption. confront to base past. Explore her memories and learn Originally a mobile game for Android and iOS an expanded version of part-time you will fall also released for the Nintendo Switch in October 2020. Now for those of you who missed it, this game was developed by HAL Laboratory best known for its work on the Kirby series. So unsurprisingly, many COVID characters make an exhibition in this one as well. And well for the game itself. It’s a puzzle adventure that sees you take control of a sentient UFO with a claw who can then take on different kinds of part-time jobs that require you to grab items and place them into specific areas kind of game it’s been it’s, it’s actually more fun than how I just described it. Give it a quick look, you’ll see joy con controller to a friend, you can perform jobs together. Besides taking on part-time work, there are different modes you can enjoy, including exploring ruins filled with treasure stacking gadgets as high as you can, and more. help the people of this world as a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

So here we have a game called when the past was around, which was actually released and we never even came close to this beforehand. I came out in December Israel of 2020 and offers a well crafted emotional journey through a point and click puzzle game, the story of which focuses on a young woman who has lost her way in life and love until she meets this hour, you’ve come to notice it features a stunningly beautiful artwork actually accompanied by some really nice music as well, the puzzles of which are pretty challenging. And basically, the combination of things here offers a great experience, but you don’t really have to take my word for it if you like this one has a playable demo right now on the Nintendo Wii Shop matrixing games mineria over here is a great choice that features some pretty good graphic graphics, some beautiful music and a great level design with fluid controls and actually an interesting storyline to go with this game is actually meant to be a spiritual successor to madora series and therefore it follows two sister nuns as they are sent to these ruins in order to read the world of sinners so you get to battle evil witches and then also strive to protect the innocent as well. But seriously, it’s a good time.

Spirits very real released on the Nintendo Switch in August of 2020. And it’s a gorgeous indie title with beautiful graphics and assignment in a sea of the heartwarming and actually heartbreaking storyline, they will probably stay with you for a while for quite some time actually. It’s an adventure game that has you taking on the role of this thing was just become the ferryman that helps the souls of the deceased cross over to their next adventure or whatever is coming. So I mean, it kind of offers a like laid back gameplay where you can take time out to craft, gather, cook, learn and do like almost anything. There was a lot of other elements of this game as well not that I can really put into words and it’s quite the adventure by itself. So you really need to check out this one as well.

dicey dungeons released for the Nintendo Switch in December also having previously already released PC and mag the year before. It’s perfect for the fans of tabletop games that offer a duck building roguelike experience with some absolutely adorable graphics dicey dungeons premise has the characters turned into dice on a game show where they’re actually forced to battle their way through dungeons, all in the hopes of winning the freedom it’s a good one in business.

And finally cycling off price and ruling as the sole action JRPG in this list that releases in November 2020 and features elements of both platformer and farming simulator. It basically follows a harvest goddess named saguna, who has been banished from her home and is now tasked with taking care of a group of people who suck enough rice and ruin features some really great graphics and well-balanced gameplay, especially between the mix of the battling gameplay and the more relaxing farm management content that it has. It’s pretty much one of it kind of you asked me and if you haven’t checked it out yet, this is definitely the one I would recommend.

So If we don’t go fetch the others, they’ll never find this place. There’s just no time for a great nap. That will be yes. That’s all for now.