10 Fortnite RUMORS Busted

10 Fortnite RUMORS Finally Busted

Five Nights at Freddy’s important. A female minus NPC banjos and john Jones riff device in-game or what’s next, an army of P Lee’s entering zero-point like this blog or bald fish stick will give you a haircut. But now on to 10 fortnite RUMORS busted coming to port. The largest source of speculation in season five has been those random crossovers which we keep seeing every few weeks.

The fuel to this fire has been a list of hints that epic sent to content creators, including us, back in December. Recently one of those hints that have been sending the community into a frenzy was a bag of arcade tokens, and a lot of people put out their best guesses for this. It wasn’t until someone suggested Five Nights at Freddy’s that things took a turn suddenly. A leak of footsteps appeared on Twitter and it sounded exactly like the footsteps Foxy makes when he runs down the corridor.

Although all of this wasn’t based on just that this kid was named french fry, which is fast food, and FF could also stand for Freddy Fazbear, it seems to add up so well. Almost two people began to make thumbnails and videos, apparently confirming that the nap was coming to fortnight rumquickly because of the rumour Five Nights at Freddy’s began trending on Twitter and even got famous of that Scott Cawthon, the creator of the game, had come out on Reddit and said it wasn’t happening. The arcade tokens eventually got revealed as the item for Tron, so it was pretty far off in the end. All the evidence did seem to be pointing towards something that has a little more proof, though, is number nine, female bias and PC.

Ever since the season began, everyone has been going crazy over a single skin, and it’s not even a crossover. At the beginning of season five, a loading screen could be earned, which had a mysterious character on it, and we haven’t yet met. As you can see, this is a female version of mites. We do not always tease upcoming skins on the loading screen, so there is a real good chance that females might be a natural skin that will eventually come out. Still, we are almost finished with season five, and there is virtually nothing in the file other than this loading screen that tells us female bias is coming anytime soon.

Despite that YouTube is covered in clickbait from people pretending that female Midas is in the item shop right now or that she’s part of the latest fortnight crew Packers have no and speaking of Midas, there is even more clickbait out there for him from people claiming that an upcoming might his boss NPC is about to arrive on the island for the past few months there has been a tonne of rumours that might will return in the form of a boss or NPC that you can either buy stuff from or fight and up until just a few weeks ago.

This was based entirely on nothingness. The clickbait seemingly came out of nowhere, although in the most recent update for a fortnight, actually added a Midas NPC to the file, just added it, making the rumours still pretty random and on the top of the brand and rumours coming out of nowhere we have to talk about number eight one division crossover.

Yeah, you probably heard about this one all over the community or every single corner of the fortnight fan base right now has definitely seen people talking about a Wanda vision crossover if you don’t know what the vision is a Marvel TV show that everyone is watching right now and if there’s one company we know a fortnite is buddies with its Marvel. Of course, a one-division crossover seems pretty inevitable at this point. But there’s no objective evidence for this like at all.

For some reason, everyone assumes one division is coming to the game, but there’s absolutely nothing in the files that tells us it sure could come in the future. But right now, definitely not. I would love to see a vision and want a set of skins. I mean, who wouldn’t But sadly, this is just a rumour, and that is all it will be until way beyond season five ends, and while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it also leads us to talk about number seven john Jones riff gun.

One of the most incredible things about season five is the storyline kicking it into overdrive; well, to an extent, we’ve got some fabulous new looks at john Jones and learned a little more about the magic order, but in the trailers that have been released, john Jones is holding a particular riff gun you watch him take it out of the drawer in the season five trailer and since then, every time we’ve seen John Jones he has been holding this mysterious gun through more hunter trailers we’ve realized that this gun is what takes him between each reality the hunters are from backstory aside, the appearance of this gun prompted a lot of rumors about it coming to the game.

There is some clickbait out there that claims john Jones riff gun is in-game right now as either one of the exotics or just something you can find in chats and people have taken it one step further, claiming that john Jones will have an actual NPC on the Mac there is nothing in the files to support that so that one is pretty much busted, wide open and something which is a pretty insane rumour he’s our next entry at number six Santos.

Okay, yes, this is a genuine rumour that people are talking about right now in the files from the latest update. Some data miners revealed that their nose was updated, and there are brand new extra-large animation files that everyone thought might belong to phantoms. Although just recently, people believe that this animation belongs to none other than Peter Gryphon. So this whole famous thing seems pretty debunked by now.

Of course, it’s based on nothing, and it is a reasonably large stretch, but it hasn’t stopped YouTube from being filled with danas returning fortnight videos and clickbait thumbnails. All it takes is a minor update in the files to spark chaos. And that’s precisely what happened here. If dinos did come back, that’d be pretty cool, but it’s 100% not happening anytime soon. And that’s why this rumour is busted. But now to debunk some pretty common rumours over its number five big season six trailers.

Just like all the seasons before, we’ve got a tonne of fake season six trailers this month, and they are only getting worse and worse by the day. As we get closer to season six, we’re going to see more of these fake trailers popping up. And it’s essential to make sure that we’re not falling for it. There’s a tonne out there right now showing john Jones in the thumbnail or stuff like the zero points exploding and taking out tilted towers.

There’s just a lot and some of them look pretty convincing. I mean, we want to go on YouTube and look at some of the static fortnight trailers or maybe browse our homepage, and we’re bombarded with stuff like this. It can be pretty confusing. So remember, if it’s not on the FX channel, it’s got like a 90% chance of being a thing, just a rule of thumb, but now we got to talk about number four, baby Yoda boss. Okay, we can take the blame for a little bit of this one.

We did put baby Yoda reviving someone in one of our thumbnails, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty hilarious. Of course. We weren’t trying to be serious by doing this, but many clickbait out there, and rumors are people being 100% serious. They’re the extremes of this Yoda clickbait which pretends that he is actually a boss on the map or can go around killing play. There is a tonne of these videos out there claiming that you can somehow find baby Yoda on the map or something, and no, this is isn’t true. He can’t revive you if you get down to it. I definitely can’t play you as an NPC, but there’s a boss baby joke here, but I don’t think I want to make it. Instead, we’re going to move on to number three transcendence weapons.

This one didn’t spawn a lot of clickbait but was just a straight-up huge rumor in the community. on quite a few occasions, leakers have posted videos and leaks of unreleased weapons, and some of them have been pretty insane. For example, we had a god, a minigun grenade launcher and then even a gnome gun. All of these had their Rarity called the transcendence Rarity course. The god gun and gnome gun were obvious dev weapons, but the minigun grenade launcher appeared to be a regular weapon. At first, we all thought it was coming soon and every time it got updated, we thought it was getting closer to being released. However, we’ve now learned that this is just part of the developer-exclusive weapon list.

Still, it’s no shock a literal mini gun grenade launcher sounds pretty overpowered to be anywhere now for our second last rumor with number two how to get Mandos pickaxe. Since season five began with the Mandalorian boss being in the game, it has sparked a lot of rumors about what’s coming next. And although we’ve talked about fake bosses like Midas and baby Yoda, there’s something authentic that the people are basing this next rumor as you know the boss in-game right now uses his sniper rifle as a pickaxe when you’re close to him. Everyone has wanted to access this sniper rifle pick x, and as a result of people wanting it but clickbait has the gun, there’s an insane amount of videos pretending that the pick x can be bought in the shop.

Even earned for free using a secret method but no as of right now there is no way to get this thing as a pickaxe sorry. Still, there’s a little bit of hope as we finish off with number one Tomb Raider Galactus Minecraft and TF two.Do you remember the list of items I brought up at the start of the video? Yes, people thought the tokens belonged to Freddy’s five nights, and that had a tonne of evidence behind it. Although the speculation doesn’t stop there. Since this list of shows, people have constantly been hoping for a tonne of skins, and unfortunately, not all of them have come true.

A huge portion of the community thought that one of the items belongs to Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and for a month straight, we saw people praying that they’d see her added. Still, she eventually never came, and then people moved on to hoping for the fanatic force that didn’t come either.

We then moved on to one division, and the cycle continues right now. There are still a few hunters left to come out, and people are still holding out on may be seeing something like a scout from Team Fortress two see for Minecraft or possibly even galactic, I know, right, thanks to these theories. There is clickbait everywhere of people claiming to confirm what the next Hunter is and half of them aren’t true. God isn’t coming. Minecraft Steve has no leaks right now, and Galactus wouldn’t make sense. But hey, that rumor seems pretty obviously busted, so it’s time to finish up. That’s all we have for a fake fortnight.