Call of Duty: Mobile – Is It Worth The Shot?

Ask any gaming freak about mobile gaming, and he will say, “They suck,” well as much as we want to comply with their statement; the new Call of Duty Mobile has been intriguing us. We acknowledge the fact that mobile games often turn out to be a painful whimpering, but this game isn’t going to fail you. To be honest, it demands your eye that’s keen enough to identify this redefined game (we promise, better than Call of Duty: Strike Team, such a walk through the memory lane!) At first, the game will provide the dose of unfiltered Call of Duty in the grunge because it’s the real cut, the master of every game.

The clean yet realistic, colorful yet reeled-in weapons and the game has spiked up the fans of this game, and we aren’t even surprised. It seems like they have copied the approach of free mobile gaming from PUBG, but with the cynical and multiplayer experience, who are we to complain about? One thing that we are happiest about that this mobile game feels and breathes the “real” Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Is It Worth The Shot?
Call of Duty: Mobile – Is It Worth The Shot? [Source Image Url :]
Concerning the lilt and flow of the console game, it has the similar visionaries of a knife hitting the back but in the pop manner, just like in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. The nostalgia of area-control domination and the deathmatch is back in this version, get ready to assassinate the racked up players with a multitude of advanced weapons. This game is a perfect getaway for the gamers as with the on-point tallies and tauter kills, the game lasts for a few minutes only.

The perfect infusion of artificial intelligence and early match filling has got us hooked with the ability to spruce up the K/D ratio. As far as the controls are concerned, Tencent and Activision are doing pretty subtle, but the absence of physical controls might tarnish your game. However, exercise the fingers, and you are going to hitch it up. But beware of the real opponents because they have all the rights to kills you off the game.

There are gun-down customization features that load up the weapons automatically and rack up the kills. Many players don’t find it “perfect” due to the time consumption of auto-firing as it killed in the Gun modes. However, we think that it’s apt for the serious players as they get the physical controller support. Apart from the multiplayer mode, there is battle royale mode in which are a team of 100 (yeah, just like PUBG) but looks pretty awesome.

When in the game, taking the cup home sounds great irrespective of the showdowns and scaled-up map. Other than that, this game is a heaven for freebies as you are at the play for hours without dwelling in irritating video ads. However, there is always a bundle of in-game deals and promotion popping up offering the royal weapons and premium “gatcha crates,” like seriously, who’s going to bate their real money on a skin. So, now we know that this jabbing is the real reason for the free game!

Let’s narrow it down to the point that Call of Duty” Mobile is only going to spice up the number of canceled preorders for the Modern Warfare as its equally good to play the shootouts!

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